The Course

Ready to unlock the secrets of creating your own artisan sourdough bread right from your kitchen? This down-to-earth course strips back the complexity of sourdough baking, guiding you through the basics of starter cultivation, dough fermentation, and the art of the perfect bake. You'll learn exactly how I bake with sourdough successfully and the simple techniques I use to ensure success each time.

Imagine pulling a beautiful, crusty loaf out of your oven that's been crafted by your own hands—that's the super-satisfying reality after you master the simple steps taught in this course. Whether you're looking to impress your friends and family, or longing to indulge in healthier, preservative-free bread, these skills will serve as a foundation for a lifetime of baking enjoyment and culinary creativity.

What you will learn

When I first started crafting this course, my main goal was to demystify the art of baking sourdough bread for beginners. I wanted to ensure that you could step into the world of baking with confidence and, more importantly, with a sense of excitement. It can be incredibly rewarding to watch your own homemade sourdough turn golden in the oven, and I've designed this course to help you experience that joy, fuss-free. Every lesson is packed with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and includes tips that I've gathered from years of baking. You'll find the content is well organized, taking you from the basics of sourdough starters right up to pulling a fresh loaf from the oven. Think of this course as a friendly guide that allows you to bake right alongside me as I share exactly how I bake up beautiful loaves in my kitchen so that you can get going right away with baking your very own loaves of sourdough.

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Your instructor

Roxanna brings a wealth of expertise and a hands-on approach to the art of sourdough bread-making. With almost a decade of experience, Roxanna has honed her skills through countless hours of experimenting, learning, and teaching. Her journey with sourdough began out of a love for traditional baking techniques and a desire to understand the science behind the perfect loaf. This deep dive into the world of wild yeast and fermentation has not only resulted in mouthwatering bread but also a comprehensive knowledge of all things sourdough.

As the instructor of "Sourdough Made Simple," Roxanna combines her extensive knowledge with a passion for sharing the joy of baking with others. She prides herself on demystifying the sourdough process, ensuring that even complete beginners can leave her course with the confidence to bake their own artisanal bread. Roxanna’s enthusiasm is infectious; she believes that the magic of sourdough is something everyone can tap into, and her goal is to create a community of bakers who find as much delight in the dance of dough and starter as she does.

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Master the Art of Unfailingly Perfect Sourdough Bread

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Crafting Traditional, Handmade Sourdough with Ease

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Simple Techniques for the Home Sourdough Connoisseur